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May 21, 2012 12:00pm PDT
afghan troops. nato believes it will cost more than $4 billion per year. >> the united states has already spent $400 billion on the war in afghanistan. well, we are constantly talking about an economic downturn but for some people that is not the case. >> a penthouse just sold for $90 million. >> i just ignored it ... >> the numbers of teenagers with type 2 diabetes doubles. what is behind the sudden spike? >> : gridding changes to the weather in the bay,,,, [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. we know you look around for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. right now, arrowhead water is just $3.33 a case. heinz ketchup is only $1.79. that's for the party size. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. get the new safeway app. it's free. the 100% electric nissan leaf was the perfect car for you... that you can charge it at home like your smartphone... that you'll never have to buy another tank of gas? [ brian ] really looking forward to not having to put 75 buc
May 30, 2012 12:00pm PDT
announcements to get the benefits of birth and the united states. meanwhile a new application from mitt romney getting attention all the wrong reasons. the word " america " is missing a letter. users were supposed to share photographs are on social media campaign slogans but instead the embarrassing typo and upper trending on twitter. they have since fixed the typo. >> it is not the news that your everyday in this economy, a major city boosting police and fire forces. but ann mackovic tells us that san fransisco has somehow found a way. hell is that? >> the economy is improving according to the mayor here in san fransisco. the fire chief called the move that will lead to more staffing for both the police and fire department " unprecedented collaboration between city hall, the unions, and the police and fire departments ". here at lee announced a long- term hiring plan for san francisco public safety units. under it, by june 2018 that they would have almost 2000 officers. that are mandated in the city charter. there would be 300 new hires over the next two years with the city holdin
May 2, 2012 12:00pm PDT
but united states has a higher rate of premature birth than places like europe. the report also found three- quarters of premature deaths could be prevented by extending simple inexpensive treatments to low-income nations. the raley's supermarket chain has recalled all ground beef at and east a store after an employee discovered pits of aid to the 10 in the meat grinder. a small amount of meat was sold in antioch before the recall went into effect. a really spokesperson said that in adjusting the fragments were not life-threatening but it would like to spare customers the experience of discovering it themselves. >> good idea. researchers at uc-davis maybe on the brink of an engineering hiv community. they're working on new stem cell therapy that involves replacing immune system with cells that have been custom designed with hiv resistant genes. researchers have had great success with me know deficient mice. the davis team is seeking approval to move on to clinical trials. smart-phone technology is now in your eye glasses to read the new glasses are helping those that have a diff
May 23, 2012 12:00pm PDT
class will clearly see how the united states and the war in afghanistan. >> he will continue west to the golden state in just a few hours for some big-ticket fund- raisers. his trip comes at a time when technology giants are struggling in the silicon valley. cable baron is here with the economic highs and lows surrounding the president's visit. >> you cannot park here or here, or here because the president is coming to town. >> it is not everyday that the president of united states comes and discovers our city. >> redwood city has not seen a presidential visit in decades. >> i think it is wonderful that he has chosen us to come visit. >> redwood city has been a community all by itself, and recently they have done a major remodel downtown. and this just as icing to the cake. >> businesses are shutting down early and a detailed security plan is in place. >> we want to make sure everyone enjoys it whether it is a demonstrator or just someone wants to come down with their family and see what is going on. we just want to provide a safe environment for everyone. >> redwood city is one of t
May 3, 2012 12:00pm PDT
united states. >> minnesota congresswoman michelle laughlin in burress mitt romney at a campaign event held in virginia. she had dropped out of the race in january after the iowa caucus. she is a tea party favorite. a group that mitt romney has struggled to win over. >> parent's alarm about oakton school safety after a boy accidentally pick up is the wrench. >> coming up, the disease is he is being treated for an apology from school officials. >> i'm ones: the cbs 5 weather >> i'm ones: the cbs 5 weather center.,,,,,,,,,,,, great. so, you're all set up. what's going on? installing cable. you know this is an ikea, right? yes, but look at this sofa! it's so comfortable. we don't want to leave. have you been living here? can i have dinner at michael's house? they're having meatballs. don't be back too late. you know it gets dark when they shut off the lights. okay. i can stay. you know, you can just buy the sofas and take them home, today. for a limited time, get up to 15% back on select seating. ikea, the life improvement store. >> >> a scary time for an oakland family as a boy is
May 7, 2012 12:00pm PDT
as renting some reports, the new video message comes as the united states stepped up their attacks on the terrorist organization. >> the al qaeda video shows the american-born pleading for his life. >> my life is in your hands mr. president. if you accept the demands, or if you don't accept the demands, i die. >> this is the first time he has been seen since being adopted from his home in pakistan last august. the 70 year-old was working for an american firm in that country. cockeyed a member said that he would be freed if the united states stops air strikes in pakistan, afghanistan, somalia, and yemen. and releases all taleban and al qaeda suspects. >> u.s. government will continue to make every effort to see him released safely to his family. but we cannot, and will not negotiate with al qaeda. >> is directly to the president was posted online hours after the cia killed a top al qaeda leader with an air strike. the drum missile killed a man in yemen. he was on the fbi's most wanted list for his role in the bombing of the u.s. as cold in 2000. it is believed that he also helped forma
May 1, 2012 12:00pm PDT
foils a homegrown terror plot to blow up a bridge in the united states. why the fed say we were never in any danger. >> i am here in the weather center with a cool breeze that is kicking in to drop,,,,,,,,,,, >> recapping the special report at the top of the hour, we just learned that president barack obama arrived in afghanistan earlier this morning and is there to sign an agreement to cementing the u.s. role in the country after the war ends in 2014. barack obama and the afghan president are set to approve the agreement before he addresses the nation on the war effort. you can see that speech live right here on cbs 5 at 4:30 p.m., or streaming live on >> five men have been arrested in a plot to blow up a bridge near cleveland. the fbi says there was no danger to the public because the explosive devices were controlled by undercover agents. the suspects do not appear to have any ties to international terrorism. at least three are self- described anarchist. >> it was one year ago today that the president announced navy seals killed osama bin laden at his hideout in pa
May 4, 2012 12:00pm PDT
united states made a tentative deal to end a standoff over a prominent dissident. he says that he wants to leave china with his family. and today the china foreign ministry says he can apply to study abroad. a short time later the u.s. state department said a university here has already offered him a fellowship. that's cool reportedly is new york university. united states says they're ready to grant him and his family visas. >> stocks are down sharply following a government report that hiring slowdown in april. right now the dow is down 150 points and the nasdaq is down, to have that there? it is down as well. danielle nottingham has the latest job numbers along with reaction from the president and republican mitt romney. >> the jobs market remains weak. the labor department says only 115,000 jobs were added in april. hiring has slowed down significantly in the past two months. and more americans have given up their job search. with less people looking for work, the unemployment rate fell from 8.2 to 8.1%. the white house says the jobs report is more evidence the economy continues to he
May 29, 2012 12:00pm PDT
massacre. >> more than half a dozen governments including the united states, britain, and france, are dispelling syrian diplomats in protest of the killings. nearly half of the 108 victims were children to review and says of the most died at the hands of pro-government militias that shot them at point-blank range. >> the majority was summary executions on men's going into houses and killing men and women and children. >> the government of syria denies any involvement in the massacre. >> radioactive to not turning up a large california coast. it is believed they pick up the pollution in japanese waters following the fukushima nuclear disaster last year. lisa washington is here with where those fish ended up in what is being done now to keep the food supply safer. she joins us for the latest. >> that is right, good afternoon to you, this is the first time that radioactive fish, bluefin tuna specifically, has been found, the fish migrated from the coast of japan to california, it was an unexpected find. >> stanford researchers made the discovery is says the evidence of radioactivity foun
May 28, 2012 12:00pm PDT
of people from across the united states took part in the swim from alcatraz to san fransisco. about 400 set off from the horn blow or yacht at 8:00 a.m. and swam to christie field. grieving for to dimeters and moderate currency under the guidance of a water safety team. >> how long will it take you to swim a mile and a half? >> my dad says 45 minutes. >> you have raised all kinds of money for what? >> nothing but net, they provide muskegon that's for kids in africa to prevent the spread of malaria. >> many people took part in orientations so that it would know what they would expect from a mile and half swim. we're talking to jordan that train for this. >> i can tell you this much, it is very cold. >> to they talk to them about this? the sharks? you have to watch out for those too. just a couple of things. but they all made it. people run the bay area starting as low clouds and fog early on, that is beginning to break up outside. patchy fog continuing out over the bay. but looking at a very nice afternoon on this memorial day. 67 agrees allan concord in 64 in livermore. 58 in 70 and
May 16, 2012 12:00pm PDT
we have to do this. >> the treasury secretary has predicted the united states will hit their current borrowing limit of 64 trillion dollars by the end of the year. at the white house, danielle nottingham, cbs 5. >> the treasury secretary says that if the debt ceiling is not raised by the end of this year than the country will default on its loans. >> john edwards defense team has rested without calling the former president or his mistress to the stand. experts say that not having edwards testified shows his defense team confidence in the case. edwards of course is accused of is using illegal campaign contributions to hide a pregnant mistress during his 2008 run for the white house. if convicted he could spend 30 years in jail. court records show that george zimmerman had two black eyes, a broken nose, and cuts on the back of his head a day after he shot trayvon martin. the former neighborhood watch volunteer clams the teenager tectum first and then he fired in self-defense. however the prosecution could argue that his injuries prove that martin was fighting for his life. apparently i
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11